Tasty, CHEAP, Vegan Pizza


Please please forgive me for my horrendous photography but thought I would post up some proof that eating vegan doesn’t have to be difficult; doesn’t have to include fancy, expensive ingredients and it doesn’t have to be boring!

This is a little throwback to when I was craving some comfort food in the christmas months and made some vegan pizzas.

All the ingredients were from Asda. I bought some napolina pizza bases, napolina pizza sauce and some mediterranean mixed vegetables.


Literally, whacked the pizza bases out of the packet; whacked on some pizza sauce; whacked on the med veg and then whacked them in the oven (also added crushed garlic, salt and pepper to taste).

This would be a fun, alternate way to do pizzas with the kids and they can get involved in too! Also, much healthier than a take away.

They were nothing fancy but were so cheap and so quick to make and I loved them. Personally, I’m not too much of a fan of vegan cheeses, but if you do like them, a great idea would be to stick a bit of vegan cheese on there too.

The pizza bases cost £1.60 for two. The pizza sauce was £1.50 but could be used for around 4 pizzas (or more if you don’t smother it as much as I do) and I paid 24p for the med veg which were in the reduced section. That means the price of 1, large, healthy vegan pizza averages at £1.30. BARGAIN.

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