Make your Mess your Message

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‘Make your mess your message’ was a very powerful quote I came across this morning whilst reading ‘Now or Never – your epic life in 5 steps’ by Preston Smiles and Alexi Panos.

So often, our ‘mess’ or problems in life are used for excuses as to why we can’t be living the lives that we want to. From this, we feel stuck and from feeling stuck we feel frustrated and a downward spiral of negative emotions manifests.

And this got me thinking, what if we were to look at our mess in a different way?

We are quick to complain about the problems in our lives, but what if actually they are not put there to prevent us from achieving, but to teach us mastery and wisdom? Mastery and wisdom which can then be passed on to others, to improve the quality of their lives too.

What if that’s why we all have different problems to overcome? So that between the collective, we can master what it means to be human?

Imagine if this happened, the world would be a much more beautiful place to live in. If everyone took their negatives and transmuted them into something positive, there would be no room for anxiety, depression, violence, greed, power.

Not only this, if we removed the problems of the self, we could spend more time focusing on global issues. Collectively, we could solve problems related to poverty, hunger, disease, extinction, the environment and more.

Knowingly, believing that our problems were chosen for us would mean that there is a force higher than ourselves out there and this is not something that resonates with everyone. Some would even call me an idealist for writing about such words. However, there is still something to be taken from this post for everybody. Focusing on the mastery of our problems will always be more effective than complaining about them.

So next time you are faced with some mess, why not over come it and make it your message.






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